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Rasayana (specialty)

Rasayana (specialty)

 rasayana-chikitsa-rejuvenation-therapy-500x500Rasayana is nothing but rejuvenation of the body and mind, in other words anti-aging. The most important goal of Rasayana therapy is to slow down the aging process and the degenerative process of the body.  Among others, we are talking about  the immunity,vitality, life expectancy, intelligence, memory, combating diseases of aging and complexion. The focus of the rejuvenating the rapies is renewing of the mind through cell rejuvenating nutritional, thinking and behavioral techniques and medicinal herbs.

Benefits: improvement of memory and intelligence, immunity against diseases, retaining youth, shine, complexion, retaining optimal strength of the body and feelings,renewing the nervous system, keeping bones strong and prevents loss of (muscle) power, supports the cardiovascular system, immune strengthening and thereby preventing infections, stimulating excretion of waste urine and stool, nourishing hormonal tissue (fertility), enhanced sexual ability.


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