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greeva-basti-300x300The basti treatment is a topical pain relief treatment. It is performed by pouring warm medicinal (herb) oil pourings on the source of the pain. Depending on where the pain comes from and the symptoms, the basti can be performed on various locations on the body. The treatment may be performed on the back, knee, belly button, lower abdomen, neck or shoulders. A dam is created around the treatment area using dough and it will be filled up with warm medicinal (herb) oil.  To keep the oil on the optimal temperature, the oil is regularly refreshed. The choice of medicinal oil that we will use will be adjusted to the nature of your symptoms. On completion there will be a light massage.This treatment stimulates and nourishes, soothes the pain and stimulates relaxation.

Kati Basti/back

Indication: back pain, pain in the intervertebral discs, stiffness of the spinal column,

muscle ache, muscle spasm

JanuBasti / knee

Indication: pain of the knee such as arthritis, creaking joints, degenerative


UdaraBasti / belly button

Indication: indigestion, maldigestion, problems with bone tissue, sciatica


ManyaBasti / lower abdomen

Indication: intestinal problems, constipation,  alternating stool , spastic colon,

menstrual symptoms  infertility (no explainable cause)

Greevabasti / neck or shoulder

Indication:  stiff and painful neck , cervical pondylosis (degeneration of the

intervertebral discs of the neck)  osteoarthritis  radiating pains