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AbhyangaAbhyanga is the ayurvedic massage whereby the entire body will be treated, including the face and your head. An ayurvedic massage differs from other massage because we use herbal oils with a medicinal effect. The oil is aimed at balancing the body and mind, resolving various problems and works by rejuvenating the body and mind. Apart from the many health benefits, the ayurvedic massages also have a preventive effect, namely the self-healing ability of the body and mind which are stimulated.

Contraindications:  the first 3 months of pregnancy, fever and for cancer patients this form of massage is not recommended, the first three days of menstruation, immediately after eating.


Indication:  stress, fatigue, insomnia, detoxifying the body, activating the lymphatic system    and blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, awareness of the body, vitality of body and mind, nourishes the skin and makes the skin smooth and supple (anti-aging).